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AGROFRIEND Group Minsk of BELARUS (EN) - ООО «Агросябар» МинскAGROFRIEND Group Minsk of BELARUS (EN)
AGROFRIEND – is a group of companies, specialized in the maintenance of various self-propelled machinery and supply of its spare parts:

AGROFRIEND – is a group of companies, specialized in the maintenance of various self-propelled machinery and supply of its spare parts:

AGROSERVICEFRIEND Ltd. – maintenance of machinery of agricultural and farming enterprises;

AUTODORFRIEND Ltd. – maintenance of machinery of Belarusian road-building enterprises;

AGROFRIEND Ltd. – import of spare parts from the European Union to Belarus.

Our sphere of interest covers the maintenance of tractors, harvesters, as well as agricultural, road and building machinery, trucks and buses; and the unifying item is the maintenance of the most widespread engine in Belarus – Deutz.


of all FENDT 900 Series tractors; of BELARUS МТЗ 3022, 3522, 2522 tractors;

of MAN D0836LE510 and DEUTZ BF6M1013FC engines for the above mentioned tractors;


Клаас harvesters and tractors, some engines of Gomselmash tractors, Deutz and MAN engines, transmission boxes, Fendt Vario gearboxes, transmissions (axles, gear units, final drives and hubs), rear mounting.

Repair and restore:

turbines, fuel equipment (Bosch VP44 and VP29/30 fuel injection pumps, Delphi, Bosch, Denso injectors), PTO, front driving axles, hydraulics (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic valves, valves, hydropneumatic accumulators), pneumocompressors, electrics and electronics, starters and generators, brake system, metal structures of any complexity, including frames.

We carry out computerized diagnostics, as well as stand, workshop and mobile maintenance. We work on the same days as our clients do, i.e. both on weekends, and on holidays, and at night.

Dmitry SAEVETS and Andrew SHPAKOVSKY the founders of the company


WAS FOUND AGROFRIEND Ltd., the first company of the group, in 2012 by skilled and ambitious specialists in the fields of agricultural machinery service and marketing in the sphere of agricultural enterprises, who for many years have successfully worked at similar well-known companies of Belarus "Ivabaltebel" and "PremiyaMaster", undergone training and have work experience at European plants.


From the “nose” of the car to the “tail” of its rear mounting – service for up to 24 hours


– such mission, strategy and tactics were correctly defined and successfully fulfilled by the founders.

It means, that machinery of all spheres covered by the company service (both agriculture and road building, house building) in fact needs uninterrupted operation, and all machinery units are equally important: both headlight, from which a tractor starts, and a coverer, covering grains, as a final element of a sowing unit, aggregated with the tractor. We will repair everything aggregated with a tractor: both a seeder and a plough, both a bucket and a loader.

Nowadays the company provides service to more than 300 clients related to agricultural and other industries. About 70 clients work with us on a long-term and comprehensive basis. Among our clients there are such flagship agricultural enterprises of the country as "Alexandria", "Zhdanovichi" agricultural complex, "Tarasovo" "Ozeritskiy-Agro" etc.

We are leaders in turn-key maintenance, in the repair and restoring of hydraulics.


TODAY the company holds a prominent position at the market of the Republic of Belarus and sets the tone for quality standards and the speed of repair of agricultural and road machinery.

There are always at least twenty engines and gear boxes being repaired at the company workshop at the same time, including overhaul repair.

There are always more than 1000 items of spare parts at the company warehouse, including consumables, belts, filters, work tools, as well as high-priced units and components. The warehouse of spare parts always contains stock for a total amount of about 200.000 Euro.

Everything that makes maintenance fast, flash-like is at our clients’ disposal:

mobile engineer teams, automobiles with special equipment for diagnostics and repair, tractor maintenance right in the field, delivery of units and coarse aggregates to on-site stations, a good supply of spare parts at the warehouse, express air delivery of necessary parts from abroad, our capability of restoring of units and parts.

Special focus on FENDT tractors’ maintenance is clearly reflected in our competitive prices and in the company logo itself:

Modern domestic MTW (“Minsk Tractor Works”) tractors dominate in the fields of our country, and, as a result, in our service activity.

DEUTZ, MAN, Клаас, Mercedes, VOLVO – are also covered both by our maintenance and by our warehouse of spare parts.


The company DEVELOPMENT has been expressed in the improvement of all characteristics – speed, range, completeness of performed work; besides, spheres of interest have been expanded beyond the agricultural sectors.

The dynamically developing company has consistently optimized business processes and has allocated them as separate subsidiaries:

In 2014 the company service activity was allocated as a separate enterprise - AGROSERVICEFRIEND Ltd.

DEUTZ engines are widely installed on the machinery produced in Belarus, and their maintenance is originally the cornerstone of our company. The initial focus on the maintenance of agricultural tractor engines has been expanded to MTW tractors with DEUTZ engine, used in other industries of Belarus, and nowadays it is a separate business unit.


To repair anything with DEUTZ engine


– that is the agenda of the new company of the group.

In 2016 the service activity related to road and other non-agricultural fields of the Republic of Belarus has been separated as a new company of the group – AUTODORFRIEND Ltd.

Today we repair the entire road and other equipment, equipped with engines Deutz, Mercedes, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and others.


The TEAM of AGROFRIEND group of companies consists exclusively of skilled specialists, dedicated to their work and to the interests of their clients, related to the uninterrupted operation of machinery and its repair as soon as possible, as well as to the providing of clients with spare parts for independent repair from the company warehouse and using the express delivery of the parts from Europe. Absolutely all of the company employees are oriented for the clients’ needs, including the senior staff of business units, always involved in all processes starting from the machinery repair to the emergency delivery of parts to clients. The group of the companies employs more than 15 people.

Engineers of mobile service teams and machinery repair shops:



Director of AGROFRIEND Ltd.

Alexander KRUKOWSKI,
Director of AUTODORFRIEND Ltd.
Chief Accountant

Dmitry Suslo,

Marketing Department

Ivan SHITORLYA, Sergey MOROZ, Maksim ZAKHARENKO, Sergei MURAKHOVSKY - Commercial Unit


Dmitriy Saevets, 39 years old. All his work activity, which began as early as 17 years old, is associated with tractors, agricultural machinery and agriculture.

At the age of 17 years he was already an assistant excavator driver in the mobile mechanized department No.69 in the Uzda district. After finishing his military service at the Soviet army he continued to work as an excavator driver in the mobile mechanized department No.69. From 1999 to 2001 he worked as a tractor driver in the mechanized department of the joint stock company "RAPS" ("Minskaya rayagropromtekhnika") in the Minsk district.

Later there were work experiences as an engineer of agricultural enterprises: from 2001 to 2002 at the collective farm "Pamyat’ Lenina" in the Uzda district as a chief engineer; from 2002 to 2003 at the collective farm "Novyy byt" as a head of the repair shop; from 2003 to 2005 again at the joint stock company “RAPS” in the Minsk district as a chief mechanic and from 2005 to 2006 as a chief engineer.

Further his career has developed in the service companies for tractors and farming equipment: from 2006 to 2011 as a service engineer in the private company "Ivabaltebel" in the Minsk district. During his work at the company "Ivabaltebel" he was trained at European companies.

In November 2012 the own service company, the AGROFRIEND LLC, was founded where he acts as a Director.

Andrey Shpakovskiy, 28 years old. Since the age of 20 years he worked in the agricultural companies: at first from 2008 to 2009 as a driver for the "Shipyany ASK" in the Smolevichi district, then as a mechanic in mechanical workshops.

Next his career has been developing in the private companies, which cooperate with domestic agricultural enterprises : from 2010 to 2011 as a logistics engineer at the "Ivabaltebel" in the Minsk district and from 2011 to 2012 at the limited liability company "PremiyaMaster" in the Stolbtsy town.

In November 2012 the own service company, the AGROFRIEND LLC, was founded, where he was an accountant and a deputy director for commerce. Since 2014 he is Director of the AGROSERVICEFRIEND LLC.





We were glad to introduce our company to you, and we invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Further detailed information about us is given at our corporate web-site:
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